Each piece is a one-of-a-kind delight, lavishly decorated with rich
materials such as velvet, brocades, hand-painted silks, trims, beads, feathers, paints, ribbon and lace, creating a unique depth of texture,
color and detail. Many include sculptures of winged creatures--
birds, angels, fairies, butterflies, dragonflies, dragons, gods,
and goddesses--or other animals such as fish, octopus, lizards,
cats, lions, foxes, wolves, and rams. Some pieces bloom with
profusions of wild roses. Others suggest mossy forest corners
where delicate flowers peep out from beneath dark, glossy leaves. 

Hand-molded from buckram, the masks and headpieces are
lightweight and easy to wear. Wire-reinforced edges ensure the
durability of each wearable art treasure. Custom pieces are created
with your tastes and needs in mind, including colors, fabrics,
animal or character elements, and so on.